Web Hosting Beginner’s Guide

In this day of technological advancement, no successful enterprise both for business profit or socially can afford to ignore the influence of the World Wide Web for its promotion and creating awareness. Keeping in tune with today’s technological advances, it has become of prime importance to promote business and some social activities on the net. There are so many options and offers for a web hosting package for your activity or business and can easily be overwhelmed when trying to choose a suitable one. In case you are a novice in this field, then this is the best place for you as we detail for you the types of hosting options based on the operating system and also on their working pattern.

Types of Operating System And Hosting Services

If you are new to the web world, a web hosting guide can prove to be of great help. You have a number of options when looking at operating systems like Linux, Windows or MAC OS X. So before you choose what type of web hosting service would you like to have, it is important that you choose the operating system on which it would be based and operated. While choosing the operating system, keep in mind the operating system that the majority of your clients use, so that your first step is well-targeted towards your present and prospective clients.

There are many types of hosting based on the usage of domains and servers. They range from the basic ones like Free Web Hosting to Shared Web Hosting where a person has a limited scope to use and advertise and typically this refers to static Web Hosting services. Contrary to these, there are more dynamic and customised options like Dedicated Web Hosting services and Managed Web Hosting services. These services offer more facilities; in terms of being more dynamic, sharing more content, being more interactive and offer full control to the user on the web hosting. But it would be better to use the Managed Web Hosting option when compared to the Dedicated Web Hosting option as the former gives the user an assurance of quality service and non-tampering of content on the web by unauthorised identities.

Types of Plans

Web hosting 101 may seem complicated, but when you understand the basic terms you will run into as you look into the options, it becomes a lot easier. Once you decide the operating system and the type of Web Hosting service that you would like to have, you could browse and compare the plans that different companies offer. Plans would likely include dimensions like Web Space available, the bandwidth, domains and sub-domains you would likely get and the number of Email accounts possible with various plans. There could be promotional offers wherein a starter or a basic package is bundled with a higher / efficient package which could prove lucrative if it suits your requirements.

So before you pay for a hosting service it is imperative that you understand your web hosting needs, what kind of content you will be posting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Many web hosting companies also offer free trials. There are questions also that you would need to consider. How much a website would cost is a determining factor when beginning. Does the company have customer service and technical support? Is it available 24/7 and can you reach them through live chat, email, phone or a physical service centre? As a beginner, you may require lots of support and advice, knowing that your chosen web hosting service provider will hold your hand when you first begin will give you peace of mind.

The World Wide Web Hosting Services

Summary of A Web Hosting Guide For Beginners

‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step’ – As daunting and overwhelming as the world wide web seems to you as a beginner here is the good news, everyone started where you are. And even better now is that there are so many articles and help available for a novice venturing into the web. It is also ok to start with a free trial to get a feel and also allow yourself a chance to better understand the service before you commit money and time.

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